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How to find us?

Key issue near to us is the city Deggendorf. By car you usually arrive from two main directions:

  • A3 coming from Nuremberg, at exit 110 Cross Deggendorf please head in direction A92 Deggendorf. Beginning from here please drive like described below under "A92 coming from Munich".
  • A92 coming from Munich, please stay on the motorway until you reach exit direction "Deggendorf-Rusel/Bernried" (This exit has no number, because the motorway A92 is transformed to road B11). At the following fork please stay right, follow the signs to Deggendorf-Rusel/Bischofsmais. Now you are driving up the "Rusel", passing by the Rusel - Power Station steep up to the hills of the bavarian forest. After you have passed the high ground you cruise gentle down to the valley, left side you see the golf course of the Deggendorfer Golfclub Rusel. Now it's only 5 km to your holiday paradise. Please turn left at the sign "Hochbruck". After further 500 m you have reached your destination! Heartly welcome!

If you own a navigation system, please use following adress:

Regener Str. 33, 94253 Bischofsmais

We are looking forward very much to your stay!

Yours faithfully,

Theresia Vogl



Ferienhaus Hochbruck, Wohlfühlen im Bayrischen Wald
5 Sterne fü:r das Ferienhaus Hochbruck